Free Google PageRank Verification Service

Free Google PageRank Verification Service
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What is the Google PageRank?
The Google PageRank is a ranking system that Google uses to decide how websites are ranked for any search. Assume that two websites have the same keywords embedded inside a particular page, the PageRank associated with the page, decides which website shows up first. A higher PageRank is better. This is a simplistic but adequately accurate description of the PageRank mechanism. Knowing your website's PageRank is important also for trading links. Links to your website from a website with a higher PageRank is better than a website with a lower or no PageRank.

Checking PageRank
Google operates several servers, and updates them at different intervals. Check your PR on 10 Google servers.

Check Multiple Websites
Use our Multiple PageRank Checker tool to check up to 10 sites simultaneously.

Display your Page Rank Score
The Free PageRank Display lets you display PageRank on your website in several styles. Just cut and paste some HTML.

PageRank for Outgoing Links?
Check PageRank for all outgoing links from any URL with the powerful PageRank Crawler.

Sites Faking PageRank?
The Fake Rank Checker can check any URL for its PageRank and give you the current status.